About Me!

Hi, I’m Grace! A few random facts about me include: I’m a huge football fan, I frequently have solo dance parties in my room when I’m stressed, I love rainy days, tea, laughter, & books, & I’ve been diagnosed with three super rare syndromes. Honestly, if you’d told me I would be starting my own blog, I would’ve laughed right in your face & declared, “no way!” But, clearly, God had other plans. My hope is that by sharing my personal experiences, testimony, health story, & ultimately how God is showing me His glory, it’ll bless & encourage others who may be going through a difficult time themselves. We all have trials & triumphs, discouragements & victories, and I’m going to take a leap to share some of mine with you in hopes maybe God will speak to you through me. So, here’s my story. Thanks for joining me!



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